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What is whocfinternational?

It is non governmental registered society aimed to deliver the required service at possible right time.The whocf international breakdown abbreviation is :
W =World, H=Heads,O=Organised for , C=Charitable ,Fund. International=The society is aimed to the world for the world. The length of word is
How it works
We have estimated 80% of population of each country around the world can afford to give a hundred cents of their named currency if there is a will. We do understand that hundred cents of US$ makes US$1.00, a hudred cents of Tanzania shillings makes TZSh1, and a hundred penny of UKSterling makes GBP 1.00, and so on.
Even though a hundred cents of other country  currency  is making nothing such currency Zimbabwe Dolla by now and other, but  their hurt of giving will be enough to encourage other nationality to do so. It make us focus in assumption that if the population of Tanzania by now is 50 millions people 80% of them are able to give hundred TZShillings Cents  that is   TZsh1.00 each, So you have 40 million people who will give TZSH 1.00 each  which in total is  TZSh 40millions= aproximatelly US$18000  per month , this figure based on current exchange rates and also based on if only 40 millions they donate only TZSH1.00 each but some will give more and some don't.
Making this organisation international means we meant to let all humans around the globe  to show their responsibility to others and them selves through WHOCF.International. By this way USA, TOGO, KENYA,CHINA, INDIA, CONGO  ,NIGERIA  all over the world lets donate is only a hundred cents of your currency per head per month .one is possible lets show a will.

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