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Who are We

We are a group of men and women set a thought of an idea and putting this idea into action..Our idea is to collect a willingly charity in the  form that every human being of this world  have a chance to participate.We have set a way of least currency everyone of us will afford to donate for those who can not the others will be for them. Even though  we understood there is  a hardship of everything but  we had the motive where there is a will, a way is there.
Thinking of someone is asking you a money on the hot sun or at heavy snow, thinking of child asking money on the motorways and crossroad,Thinking of dogs that you can count ribs, thinking of tree which is dying because lack of water .Thinking for them who can not afford a meal, class, health and a place to sleep .We together because we are thinking for them we have to have a solution because a human being is responsible for the rest together with him self.
Reaching us to solution we and you we are responsible for we and them all. Thus we have set fund called WHOCF international  to allow we and you to meet  our solution and them.
Why our solution any creation of this world will need a boost from others some of them will climb on top but will fall down we thought a chance to raise them again can be available in our society.
Why their solution , care  for them today,they will definitely care for WHOCF in return tomorrow. The moment we have the fund their solution is met, the moment they met their solution will turn  the care to WHOCF .
We and you together we are responsible for WHOCF  International . Everything is possible under the sun but sometimes need someone or WHOCF to make things possible .Hence  we have brought forward  our idea is time to act together.

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