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What are we Doing

The moment we have collect these money as we have set the date of collection to be 27th of each month . Straight away we are taking the money into on table projects.We have number of projects that depend on this fund.example 
1) Disable camp , this camp is intended project throughout  the world where we set our camps only for people with disability who needs 24hour attention. Every where in the world we see these people and no body care for them , as we think you do not have a million but you have one , our ones will become a million to let these people seem in good conditions.It all of us our responsibility to care for them let your one and mine do so.
2) Orphanage camps. It has come to your attention that one day you feed and school at least  one orphan but watching down because of lack of money then a solution has come your one and mine will let this orphan dress, feed, educate and smile  just lets make a will lets donate our ones now.
3)Homeless camps: There are people who struggle for life but end up just if it went ok that day they can get one meal a day. So me and you we have to think will this kind of people around the world  when will they mange to get their own home  but your one and mine will built them their home .
4)Animals and pets: All of us we go around sometimes we saw dogs, cats , donkeys and others  crying for hunger and thirsty but also in sickness mind you and me it is our responsibility to care for them.they also need  to be in good health and environment. your one and mine will make this change .
5)Natural disaster. Have you ever attend disaster zones , war, earthquake,Drought,disease, hurricanes   etc  wishing to help them but failing to do so , but now is possible just your one and mine will make them happy.
6)Making the drought  green again  
As we have said previously, the WHCF.international is not only stand for life of humans and animals but also stand for our environments. It s the matter for me and you to hear and act on it. Making the drought  green again even thought is big projects but to everything there is shortcut .If we put our one into action then we can see the Lake Charge is flowing again.
7)Removing their thirsty.
We have massive projects of  drilling the fresh water wells ,stationed water tapes transport the water to where it has become always hard to reach.
8)Shorten their distance
Our project is either to do the collective groups or individual students , pupils and or people whose in difficulties  to shorten their distance by providing them with the easier way of transport  ie public buses or whocf buses, motor bikes or manual bikes.
We all know some of them they are traveling far to get education , water , health ,farming and or personnel needs .

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