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Windsurfing is an attitude to life and often called one of the most extreme thrills of body movements. No matter your level, Windsurfing really is more accessible and achievable than it ever has been before. It is a great exercise, addictive and above all fun.

A great session for those that just want to have a go or try before booking a full windsurfing course with us.  After a short land based briefing you will soon be afloat experiencing this energetic and dynamic sport

Windsurfing course
Perfect for beginners and advanced learners.  We impart knowledge and joy of windsurfing.
4 x 2 hours, $ 200,-

Windsurfing private lesson
One-on-one tuition with one of our experienced instructors.  The shortcut to success. 
1 hour, $ 60,-

Windsurfing Hire
1 hour, $ 30,- 
2 hours, $ 50,- 
3 hours, $ 60,- 
5 hours package, $ 100,- 
3 x 2 hours, $ 100,- 
4 x 2 hours, $ 120,-

Stand up paddling (sup)
The Hawaiians invented it!  SUP-ing or Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the hottest and latest trend worldwide for a good reason:  it is really easy and quick to learn, great fun, requires no special fitness so everybody from 7 to 90 years old can walk on the water ... just like Jesus!

SUP course
Learn how to safely get on and off the board, go from your knees and/or belly to your feet, proper standing technique, paddling technique and turning the board. And then be free to paddle around to explore the shoreline or the surf waves by the reef.
2 hours, $ 60,-

SUP private lesson 
Individual training with one of our experienced instructors.  The shortcut to success.
1 hour, $ 50,-

SUP Hire
1 hour, $ 20,- 
2 hours, $ 30,- 
3 hours, $ 40,- 
5 hours package, $ 50,- 
3 x 2 hours, $ 50,- 
4 x 2 hours, $ 60,-


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