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Deep sea fishing

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Deep Sea Fishing

The spice island of Zanzibar is home to some of the best big game and deep sea fishing opportunities in the Indian Ocean.

Join us for a day out Big Game Fishing in the waters of Zanzibar. The deep sea fishing charter boats are fully rigged and ready to take you out for a fishing experience you will never forget! This deep sea fishing in Zanzibar is located at the northern tip in Nungwi, a fishing village, which is the fishing grounds of Zanzibar, We fish by trolling a combination of lures or natural dead baits (Ballyhoo or strips) or live bait.

The skippers and crew are also experienced at all disciplines of fishing whether your requirements be spinning, fly fishing, jigging, popping for Giant Trevally etc, power chumming or drifting with baits. The well equipped and catered sports fishing boats and resourceful crews will ensure your absolute enjoyment out on the water.

Billfish such as Striped, Black and Blue Marlin as well as the acrobatic and dazzling Sailfish and elusive Short bill Spearfish abound in these crystal waters! Yellow fin tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Barracuda, Kingfish (Trevally), King & Queen Mackerel and the lesser game fish such as Bonito tuna, Skipjack tuna and Rainbow Runner provide endless hours of adrenalin filled Game Fishing action out on the water!

The boats are available for Half Day or Full Day charters and Night Fishing trips for Broadbill Swordfish, the “Gladiator of the Sea”, can be arranged and will certainly test your skills as an angler.


32ft Black fin Yacht. (Max 6 persons)

• H/Day Charter (5 hr’s): US$ 700
• F/Day Charter (8 hr’s): US$ 1000.
• 6 hr Afternoon/Night (4pm – 10pm): US$ 800
• 12 hr Night Fishing Charter (6pm – 6am): US$ 1200. (Broad billing – Drifting & trolling)
• Live Aboard rate (Max 4 persons/boat): US$ 1300./day

30ft Leisure Yacht. (Max 4 persons)

• H/Day Charter (5 hr’s): US$ 650
• F/Day Charter (8 hr’s): US$ 950.
• 6 hr Afternoon/Night (4pm – 10pm): US$ 750.
• 12 hr Night Fishing Charter (6pm – 6am): US$ 1350.00 (Broad billing – Drifting & trolling)
• Live Aboard rate (Max 4 persons/boat): US$ 1250./day

27ft Reef Jumper. (Max 6 persons)

• H/Day Charter (5 hr’s): US$ 550
• F/Day Charter (8 hr’s): US$ 850.
• 6 hr Afternoon/Night (4pm – 10pm): US$ 650.
• 12 hr Night Fishing Charter (6pm – 6am): US$ 1100.00 (Broad billing – Drifting & trolling)

Please note: These rates are for the boat, NOT per person and exclude hotel transfers to Nungwi.


Eco & Culture Zanzibar, Zanzibar Tours Operators


Diving tours

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Diving Tours

Zanzibar is starting to become a holiday destination for divers from all over the world, divers who've already been, or don't want to go, to all the famous dive spots, attracted to Zanzibar and Pemba especially, for their untouched reefs.

Zanzibar (called Unguja) has a reef going all along its eastern coast, offering many diving possibilities. In the north-west, there are a few dive spots in the middle of the ocean, rich with reef fish as well as game fish. Mnemba atoll, in the north-east, is a special dive spot, famous for its visibility and turtles, as well as for the dolphins that are often to be seen in between the dives, and with whom everyone likes to snorkel. In October-November and January to March, whale sharks are seen cruising close to the reef. Stonetown also has a few dive sites to offer, particularly two wrecks (30 and 40 meters).

<span">Pemba unlike Unguja, is not a coral island, but a rocky one, which means that there are drop-offs all around the island, going down to 200 meters or more. The coral is beautifully varied and untouched, with amazing architecture, caves and tunnels, strong tidal currents at times, and always a lot of fish and some unexpected encounters like game fish (king fish, barracudas, wahoos, trevallies, mantas, big rays)! Visibility here can go to 50 meters.

Mafia still totally unknown, has a big marine park ( the southern half of the island ), supervised by WWF. The diving there will be of discovery, but always amongst big shoals of game fish and beautiful reefs.



Safari Packages

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Why safari in Tanzania?

Tanzania has more land devoted to national parks and game reserves than any other wildlife destination in the world. Everything from pristine coral reefs to the Crater Highlands, remote game reserves and the famous national parks are protected by government law and placed in trust for future generations to marvel at in wonder and awe. In addition to a listing of the main attractions of Tanzania, we have included many safari parks that are largely neglected in favour of the big names like Serengeti and Ngorongoro. It is our hope that in writing up these lesser-known locations, visitors may be tempted to include them on their itineraries and encourage tourism to other equally beautiful, parts of the country.

Lying just south of the equator, Tanzania is East Africa’s largest country, and an immensely rewarding place to visit. Tanzania has the world-famous attractions; the plains of theSerengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, snow­capped Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain) and Zanzibar, with its idyllic palm-fringed beaches and historic Stone Town. Yet there’s a whole lot more to Tanzania than these obvious highlights.

Almost everywhere you go on safari you’ll find interesting wildlife and inspiring landscapes (over forty percent of the country is protected in some form or other) ranging from forest-covered volcanic peaks to dusty savanna populated by elephants, antelopes, lions, leopards and cheetahs. Tanzania is one of the four most naturally diverse nations on earth: it contains Africa’s second-largest number of bird species (around 1500), the continent’s biggest mammal population and three-quarters of East Africa’s plant species (over ten thousand). Add to this the country’s rich ethnic diversity, some superb hiking and other activities like snorkelling and diving, and you have the makings of a holiday of a lifetime.

Tanzania Safari Deals

At any given time we have literally hundreds of special offers, deals and circuit discounts, far more than we can post here! Please take a look over some of the best below and contact us for a full list. Even if your preferred camp is currently not on offer we can still book it for you, often at a lower price than you would get direct.



Wedding Packages

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Weddings Package

Make  your wed lock memorable , 

After the eve of    wedding lock   you will be organised  a beautiful private sunset ruse special for you  which will combine  a hotel away private dinner .
The next day the tour will take you to spice tour farm just after lunch and coming back about 21h00 after experiencing forodhani food bazaar park
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